Can I use Ringo Outside?

Ringo boards are extremely high quality and overall the feedback that we have received from those who have mounted them outside has been favorable. However, Ringo boards are not specifically designed for outdoor use and as such we cannot guarantee them against wear and tear from the elements. For outdoor use, we suggest mounting boards where they will NOT be directly exposed to the elements such as on covered patios, porches, gazebos, etc. Boards can also be put up and taken down easily to be kept in the most pristine condition.  


What are "Tournament Rules?"

Tournament Rules are what really set Ringo apart from all other hook and ring games elevating it to an actual Social Sport like darts or Cornhole. Tournament Rules require skill, strategy, and like habanero wing sauce have humbled even the most hardened men.


How much space do I need to play?

We recommend having at least six feet from where the board is mounted to play comfortably.  


What colors are available? Can you make me a custom color?

Currently, we offer Red, Navy Blue, and Natural will be released this fall. At this time the capability does not exist to make custom colors.


Can I ad a custom logo?

Absolutely, please see the CUSTOM section of our website or inquire directly at hello@playringo.com      


How high should I mount my Ringo board?

Mounting height is measured from the bottom screw and should be placed at either 56" (adult) or 48" (family). Please see full mounting instructions provided with your board and on our website.