The Popular hook and ring game is now a social sport

Ringo is the transformation of the famous hook and ring game into the newest competitive social sport, in the same class as Darts and Cornhole. With three ways to play, from two to four players, Ringo brings an entirely new experience to bars, homes, vacation properties, and anywhere else fun should be found. The tastefully designed, self-contained, game boards require limited space at play and only inches at rest. Available in both Red and Natural Maple, Ringo is not only unique and original it is also 100% guaranteed. If the newest social sport doesn’t create a buzz with friends and family alike return it for a full refund.           



Why Ringo?

* What Cornhole did to Horseshoes Ringo is doing to Darts.

* The self-contained assembly allows for easy and convenient set-up, out of the way storage, allowing gameplay in even the smallest spaces.

* With three ways to play there is a game for everyone of all ages and abilities. 

* Tastefully designed boards add a unique feature to any bar, home, mancave, porch or anywhere else fun should be found.   

* Ringo will never ring, text, tweet, comment, drop a call, or disconnect from WiFi. 

* 100% guaranteed to bring friends and family of all ages together!!!

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