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The story of Ringo begins several decades ago in the Connecticut home of Cal and Nancy Blagys. Since before they could remember, a nameless ring and hook game had been part of their lives. It was always in the background and the source of countless memories with friends and family. After the children left for college, the lightbulb went off, and Cal and Nancy decided to share with others what had given them so much enjoyment. They called it “Ringo,” and over the years, out of their garage, they successfully assembled, marketed, and sold several thousand together. It was a hit! Today, what we call “Classic Ringo” can still be found all around the world.      

Seeing Ringo on vacation and wanting one of my own, they could not be found. With a little research, I tracked down the Blagys’. Now retired, I listened to their story and heard about the enjoyment and togetherness that Ringo had created in their family and for so many others; that this seemingly simple game transcends generations as well as demographics, that grandparents can play with grandchildren as easily as college kids can play in dorm rooms. I instantly saw what Cal and Nancy knew, Ringo was more than just a game but a way to connect with those we care about. Especially today, there are far too few ways do that. 

In honoring the Blagys’ and the spirit of bringing together those we care about, Ringo has undergone a significant transformation since the “classic” days. Now a competitive "social sport" in the same class as Darts and Cornhole, Ringo is completely original. There is no other Hook & Ring game like it.  Through this evolution, Ringo both honors the past and creates an entirely new experience in the long-loved hook & ring segment.         


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